Rugged connector has pin socket version

Continuing the trend of miniaturisation, Fischer Connector has introduced the MiniMax in 19- and 24pin configurations, giving designers more flexibility, especially where space and weight restrictions play a role.

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Wireless power transmitters charge wearable systems

Integration and low standby power consumption make the P923x family of magnetic induction, wireless power suitable for the next generation of wireless charging products, says IDT.

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Coiled flex cable offers expandable packaging for 12Gbit/s transmission

Able to support high-speed signal transmission applications (such as SATA or SAS), where flexible, expandable packaging for high-signal frequencies demands tight impedance control and 12Gbit/s data rates and above.
The ResilientFlex coiled assembly enables hot-swapping connections in removable-media applications, such as hot-swapping within storage drawers. The Molex assembly can be implemented in self-coiling flex circuit assembly or mechanically assisted coiling features that can extend electrical-connection lengths up to 558.80mm beyond the installed length.

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Sensor technology allows gloved touch tracking

Single layer, multi-touch sensors are now supported by the TrueTouch Gen4X touchscreen controller family from Cypress. It leverages the company’s Single-Layer Independent Multi-touch (SLIM) sensor structures. The controller also adds support for the company’s tracking of multiple fingers in gloves.

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