Zener diodes prolong battery time and save PCB space

Low current regulator diodes are available from Nexperia in three surface mount package options. The 50 microA Zener diodes are available in three surface mountable package options: SOT23 (BZX8450), SOD323 (BZX38450) and SOD523 packages (BZX58550) and leadless DFN1006BD-2 (BZX8850S) package. 

They are also available as Q-portfolio parts, meeting the AEC-Q101 and ISO/TS16949 automotive quality standards. Nexperia explained that more non-automotive applications require additional quality-related services and extended longevity, and these needs will be met by these Q-portfolio parts. 

Specified at a low test current (50 microA), the efficient diodes are ideal for low bias and portable battery-powered devices in mobile, wearable, automotive and industrial applications.

“The DFN1006BD-2 packaged parts with side-wettable flanks (SWF) address the concerns of various sectors, such as size, performance and ruggedness, and match many diverse applications,” says Paula Stümer, product manager at Nexperia. 

There are 40 types per package option covering nominal working voltages from 1.8 to 75V. The Zener diodes feature a non-repetitive peak reverse power dissipation of up to or equal to 40W, total power dissipation up to or equal to 300mW and low dynamic resistance. 

The DFN package dimensions are 1.0 x 0.6 x 0.47mm and are suitable for replacing bulky leaded packages on PCBs. The package can save up to 60 per cent of real estate. It features side-wettable flanks (SWF), which ensure the solder flows up the side of the chip when it is soldered onto the PCB. This technology facilitates automated optical inspection (AOI), satisfying the automotive industry’s high safety, reliability and quality requirements. The high P(tot) of the DFN-packaged Zener diodes also run cooler than leaded parts, therefore improving system reliability.

The 50 microA Zener diodes are available as samples and in volume production quantities. 

Nexperia produces essential semiconductors, with an extensive portfolio which includes diodes, bipolar transistors, ESD protection devices, MOSFETs, GaN FETs and analogue and logic ICs. 

Nexperia, a subsidiary of Wingtech Technology Co., Ltd. (600745.SS), has an extensive IP portfolio and is certified to IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. It operates in Asia, Europe and the USA.


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