Wearable SoC has dedicated camera interface

A wearable SoC from Sony brings advanced sound and vision to IoT devices, says RS Components, which stocks the SPresense range.

The SoC has an Arm Cortex-M4F and combines digital and analogue audio, a dedicated camera interface, with GNSS and sensor fusion, says the distributor.

The low-power SPresense platform comprises a 50.0 x 20.6mm main board and 68.6 x 53.3mm extension board, and combines the Sony CXD5602 SoC for wearable electronics, and the CXD5247 power-management and audio IC.

The use of expansion headers lets users extend native features by adding Arduino shields or any of a selection of specially developed add-on boards. These include the SPresense-BLE-EVK-701 Bluetooth Low Energy board and the

SPresense-SENSOR-EVK-701 containing a MEMS accelerometer, barometer, and magnetometer. The platform is compatible with the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE), and comes with a set of extended application program interfaces (APIs) for the option to use the advanced NuttX based software development kit (SDK).

The CXD5602 SoC on the main board contains six 156MHz Arm Cortex-M4F cores and peripherals including an 8-bit parallel camera interface, a multi-constellation GNSS receiver, and a sensor-fusion block to simplify movement or context sensing using a combination of external MEMS accelerometer, eCompass, gyroscope, or pressure sensor. The SoC adds a class-D bridge-tied load (BTL) audio amplifier, eight-channel digital microphone and four-channel analogue microphone inputs, as well as DC/DC converters and a low-dropout (LDO) regulator to provide the system power rails. Battery-charging and fuel-gauge peripherals simplify the design of self-powered, connected, smart objects, says RS Components.

The extension board handles interfacing and user access to signals, featuring level-shifting circuitry, headphone and microphone-input headers, and an SD Card slot. 

The multi-core compute engine and built-in GPS also makes SPresense suitable for drones. The support for high-resolution audio recording and playback, and the full digital amplifier, can be used in powerful smart speakers, while the built-in camera interface can support opportunities for smart cameras and networked-vision applications such as security surveillance or remote time-lapse cameras.

The Sony SPresense platform is available to order from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.


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