Vehicle access is low power for smart keys

Claimed to be the industry’s lowest-power passive entry/passive start (PEPS) solution, the ATA5700 and ATA5702 are intended for use in battery powered applications such as smart keys and complementary car access via mobile devices, smartphones and wearables.

As well as low power consumption, they have outstanding” key localisation accuracy, to accurately distinguish whether a key fob is located inside or outside the vehicle and to comply with accuracy requirements of insurance companies, says Microchip. It also has built-in counter relay (“man-in-the-middle”) attack protection measures. They have a built-in low frequency (LF) vector calculation unit that allows customers to implement effective relay attack counter-measures at no additional cost.

The level of LF sensitivity enables features such as customised welcome-lighting upon approaching the vehicle or automatic “walk-away locking” of the vehicle up to a range up to 10m. The power consumption for this always-on feature triples the battery lifetime in the highest sensitivity mode, says the company.

They also have an open-source, zero-cost license immobiliser protocol based on AES-128 that enables interoperability. This allows customers to deploy second sourcing strategies.

Both ATA5700 and ATA5702 feature a 3D immobiliser, 3D high sensitivity LF receivers, digital processing unit, 128bit crypto engine, LF vector calculation unit and a microcontroller. The ATA5702 is enhanced with a built-in RF transmitter fractional PLL to ensure a robust ultra-high frequency (UHF) link that is highly immune to jammers and disturbers.

Both devices are in production now, in 5.0 x 7.0mm QFN package with wettable flanks.

The company also offers Atmel Studio 7 for software development for 8bit AVR microcontrollers, and the ATAK51004-v2 evaluation kit for product evaluation.

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