At the AirFuel Alliance Members Meeting, Semtech has unveiled what it claims is the industry’s first complete and self-contained tri-mode wireless charging transmitter.

The tri-mode wireless charging transmitter been certified by the AirFuel Alliance for both the inductive (formerly Power Matters Alliance or PMA) and resonant (formerly Alliance for Wireless Power, or A4WP) standards, as well as the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi standard.

With inductive technology, the receiver and transmitter coils require closer alignment, for an efficient use of wireless power transfer. With resonant technology, close coupling of the receiver and transmitter coils is not required, for more flexibility in positioning the receiver on the charger. This technology also allows for charging at a distance (Z-height).

By supporting the two main industry standards, the TS80K chipset can help ensure compatibility with portable electronics, smartphones and wireless charging sleeves that comply with the inductive and resonant technology standards.

Multi-standard support allows the chipset to be used in consumer mobile and desktop applications, infrastructure, hospitality, and automotive applications.

Support for both wireless charging standards in multi-mode (for both transmitter and receiver applications), can be used in multiple configurations and form factors, and can quickly be adapted to support evolving wireless charging standards, says the company.

It is claimed to be the only product available today that supports anything from 100mW low power wearable products to 40W+ high power industrial tools, medical equipment and “connected” furniture applications

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