Toshiba shrinks debut MOSFET gate driver; five more to come

The first MOSFET gate driver IC in a planned series of six, the TCK241G controls the gate voltage of external N-channel MOSFETs based upon the input voltage. The driver can be used in a wide range of applications including battery powered, consumer and industrial equipment, advised Toshiba Electronics Europe.

The MOSFET gate driver is suitable for configuring a power multiplexer or a load switch circuit equipped with reverse-current blocking by being combined with a back-to-back connection of external N-channel MOSFETs. 

The TCK421G incorporates a charge pump circuit that supports a range of input voltages (VIN) from 2.7 to 28.0V. It provides a stable supply of 10V to the gate-source voltage of external MOSFETs for switching large currents. The typical input quiescent current in the on state (IQon) is down to 140 microA while the standby current in the off state (IQoff) is just 0.5 microA. The TCK421G also contains an over-voltage and under-voltage lockout function. The gate drive voltage can be selected to suit the application.

The IC is housed in the chip scale WCSP6G package and has a footprint of 1.2 x 0.8mm and a height of 0.35mm. According to Toshiba, this is one of the smallest packages in the industry and means the IC is suitable for use in densely packed devices such as wearables and smartphones.

The TCK421G is the first product in a planned series of six. 

The TCK421G is shipping now.

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) is the European electronic components business of Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage. TEE offers European consumers and businesses a variety of hard disk drive (HDD) products and semiconductors for automotive, industrial, IoT, motion control, telecomms, networking, consumer and white goods applications. The company’s broad portfolio encompasses power semiconductors and other discrete devices ranging from diodes to logic ICs, optical semiconductors as well as microcontrollers and application specific standard products (ASSPs).

TEE has headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, with branch offices in France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom providing marketing, sales and logistics services. 

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