Torex extends LDO regulators with ‘green operation’ series

LDO regulators with low current consumption are suitable for IoT products and wearable devices. Torex has launched the XC6241 high-speed LDO regulator ICs, based on a CMOS process. They achieve low current consumption, high accuracy, and high ripple rejection, says the company, and are available in small and thin packages. 

The output voltage of the regulator IC is fixed internally and can be set between 1.2 to 5.0V (0.05V step). It has a green operation (GO) function that achieves both a high-speed operation and a low current consumption. It switches automatically between a high speed (HS) and a power save (PS) mode, depending on the output current. 

At light loads, high efficiency is realised by operating in PS mode with low current consumption, whereas for heavy loads, high speed operation is enabled by operating in HS mode. As a result, the IC can be used for applications which require both low current consumption and high speed operation.

 The company offers small and thin USPQ-4B05 and general-purpose SSOT-24 package options. Low ESR capacitors, such as ceramic capacitors, can be used at the output of the LDO, advises Torex.

Torex Semiconductor provides CMOS power management ICs targeted for battery powered and energy efficient applications. The company specialises in CMOS analogue technology, with LDO voltage regulators, voltage detectors and DC/DC converters in its core product offering.

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