Three-colour LED claims to be world’s smallest

Three-colour LED claims to be world’s smallest: Optimised for consumer devices, such as matrix light sources for gaming and wearables, the MSL0402RGBU reflector-type, three-colour LED has been announced by Rohm.

Its compact, high ESD resistance design provides greater design flexibility in matrix applications, says the company. It measures 1.8 x 1.6mm.

The size enables high-density mounting and the design provides colour mixing characteristics, to support high resolution LED matrices.

Normally, Zener diodes are used as a counter-measure to static electricity in LEDs. Unlike conventional LEDs that use a Zener diode, the MSL0402RGBU adopts an element with high ESD resistance. According to the company, this allows superior ESD protection without a Zener diode and prevents emission of unnecessary blocks in matrix circuits, resulting in a clearer display.

LEDs capable of representing the full colour range are expected to be widely adopted in, for example, digital signage.

Until now, 3.5 x 2.8mm LEDs typically used in dot matrices result in a coarse display. The company says that this model uses miniaturisation technology to reduce mounting area by 70 per cent over its conventional LEDs.

The combination of silver-plated frames and silicon resins used in conventional LEDs will typically result in a drop in brightness after one year due to 30 per cent sulphuration caused by sulphur components in the air originating from tobacco smoke and exhaust gases. The MSL0402RGBU uses a gold-plated substrate that prevents sulphuration even when silicon resin packages are used. This minimises brightness degradations and contributes to greater long-term application reliability, claims the company.

Three-colour LED claims to be world’s smallest:

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