Thick film conductivity sensor serves single use applications

Equipped with four electrodes and four Pt/Ni wires, the latest thick-film conductivity sensor from Innovative Sensor Technology IST, the LFS1505 is small enough to fit into small handheld measurement devices. 

It is suitable for single-use applications and has fast, accurate response times. It is resistant to various chemicals and can be customised to an application from smaller order quantities to volume manufacturing.

The LFS1505 conductivity sensor is suitable for handheld devices in medical technology where single-use sensors are required, for example autoclaving, but it can also be used in wider applications including water treatment and quality monitoring over fuel cell applications and to prevent calcification in white goods and kitchen appliances.

The low cost conductivity is a standard product in the company’s portfolio of conductivity sensors with an on-board temperature sensor. It has been developed for use where temperature measurement is already included and only a single-parameter component to measure conductivity is required. 

The LFS1505 is a standard ‘off-the shelf’ sensor, but it can also be developed to fit application-specific requirements within a short development and production time, added IST.

The sensor’s conductivity range is from 1000 μS/cm to 100.000 mS/cm (typical cell constant of 0.66 cm-1. It operates in a wide temperature range from -30 to +100 degrees C. 

The chip measures 14.9 x 5.5 x 0.65mm and the four wires’ dimensions are 0.2mm diameter and 20mm long.

IST’s conductivity sensors are a used in applications ranging from water treatment and quality monitoring to leak detection in cooling & heat exchangers and condensers, to chemical processing, pharmaceutical and medical applications, food and beverage industries, and analytical laboratories.

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG is a manufacturer and partner for physical, chemical and biological sensors. Its product range contains thin-film platinum and nickel RTD temperature sensors, capacitive humidity sensors, thermal mass flow sensors, conductivity and biosensors. IST AG also manufactures a broad portfolio of calibrated humidity modules. A highly qualified technical team offers consulting, development and production of challenging customer requests in the field of micro system technology.

Founded in 1991, Innovative Sensor Technology is headquartered in Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland in the mountain region of Toggenburg. In 2005, Innovative Sensor Technology became part of the Endress+Hauser Group, headquartered in Reinach, Switzerland. The Endress+Hauser Group specialises in measuring instruments, services and solutions for industrial process engineering.

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