Thermal camera is voice-controlled 

Voice control means that operation for the thermal camera module is hands-free. Introduced by RealWear, the thermal camera module connects seamlessly with RealWear’s Navigator series headsets making it the first fullyhands-free, voice-controlled thermal camera. It includes radiometric Flir Lepton and supports MSX technology to enable frontline industrial professionals to conduct inspections, enhance remote support sessions and avoid equipment downtime using simple voice commands, said RealWear.

Connecting the thermal camera module to RealWear Navigator 500 headset with built-in voice recognition, frontline workers can capture a high resolution visible-spectrum image or a variety of thermal and colour modes to quickly identify temperature anomalies in mission-critical industrial equipment.

Imagery is viewable in real time and will in the future have the ability to be shared via platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex Expert on Demand. The radiometric JPEG format images can be stored, transmitted and downloaded for use within the Flir Thermal Studio post-processing software for analysis and reporting options.

“The compelling option to add thermal image capture without occupying your hands in hazardous environments gives frontline professionals more real-time information to do their jobs safely and productively,” said Rama Oruganti, chief product officer at RealWear. “By combining Teledyne Flir’s thermal expertise with RealWear’s . . . voice-driven wearables through its Thermal by Flir programme, we’re creating a digital tool with extended capabilities for the modern frontline worker.”

Greg Cooper, innovation engineer, manufacturing, American Honda Motor, observed: “A fully hands-free thermal camera will give our technicians another superpower to get the job done fast.  For example, a hands-free fully voice-controlled thermal enables us to immediately show what we’re doing to address airlocks and ventilation leaks to the reliability team to give them the confidence that our engines and systems are reliable and meet our high-quality standards.”

The thermal camera module is available for pre-order through authorised resellers. The module is expected to ship in January 2023.

RealWear works to engage, empower, and elevate the modern frontline industrial worker to perform work tasks more safely, efficiently, and precisely. Supporting over 65,000 devices, RealWear gives workers real-time access to information and expertise while keeping their hands and field of view free for work. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, customers include Shell, Goodyear, Mars, Colgate-Palmolive and BMW.

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