Tensilica HiFi 3z DSP architecture improves voice and audio processing

Cadence Design Systems has announced the Cadence Tensilica HiFi 3z digital signal processor (DSP) intellectual property (IP) core for system on chip (SoC) designs that will be used in mobile and home entertainment applications.

Typical applications are smartphones, augmented reality (AR)/3D goggles, digital TVs and set-top boxes (STBs). The HiFi 3z architecture offers more than 1.3X better voice and audio processing performance than its predecessor, the HiFi 3 DSP.

Higher voice sample rates require more complex voice pre-processing. Enhanced voice services (EVS), are the latest mobile voice codecs that support voice over long term evolution (VoLTE) and up to a 48kHz sample rate, compared to 16kHz for the previous AMR-WB codec.

Home entertainment is driving a similar workload increase as audio codecs, for example Dolby AC-4 and MPEG-H, transition from channel-based to object-based operation. In addition, audio post-processing functions, such as Waves Nx 3D/AR audio and immersive audio (Dolby Atmos-enabled TVs) drive higher complexity signal processing. Cadence claims that the HiFi 3z DSP provides more than 1.4X better performance on Dolby Atmos-enabled TVs than the HiFi 3 DSP.

The HiFi 3z DSP offers dual load/store and advanced FLIX bundling (multiple-base ISA operations per cycle). There is also twice the MACs for 16×16 (octal MAC) and enhanced ISA for accelerating FFTs, FIRs and IIRs. New instruction extensions improve codec (especially EVS) performance for mobile use. A four-way, eight-bit load improves voice trigger performance, while an eight-way, eight-bit load reduces neural network memory usage, says Cadence.

Tensilica HiFi DSPs are licensed audio/voice/speech processors, with support for over 200 proven software packages and more than 95 software partners in the Tensilica Xtensions partner program.

Cadence provides software, hardware and semiconductor IP. Its System Design Enablement strategy helps customers develop differentiated products—from chips to boards to systems—in mobile, consumer, cloud data centre, automotive, aerospace, internet of things (IoT) and industrial market segments.


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