Starter kit based on Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK)

For the fast development of accelerometry and vibration applications, such as wearables and predictive maintenance for machines, artificial intelligence tool developer, Reality AI, has produced a starter kit. Based on the XDK by Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, a programmable sensor device and prototyping platform, the kit enables engineers working on projects ranging from wearables for people to predictive maintenance solutions for machines to collect data quickly and exploit that data using artificial intelligence (AI). The result is a much faster path from conception to prototype and to final hardware/software design, says Reality AI.

Based on the XDK programmable sensor device and prototyping platform, the Reality AI starter kit allows users to collect accelerometry and vibration data using the sensor built into the XDK. Special firmware for the XDK, developed by Reality AI, will allow for data to be collected, labelled and automatically transferred to Reality AI Tools’ software for further analysis by Reality AI’s algorithms.

Customers can use Reality AI with their vibration and accelerometry data for anomaly detection, and for developing detectors for specific events and conditions based on the motion observed in the sensor. As users move forward with their hardware design, they can use Reality AI Tools to explore requirements for sample rate, memory and processing cycles before committing to any one hardware design.

There is also the option to use Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions offerings for series engineering and mass production to turn the prototype into a hardware specification.

Classifiers and detectors created with Reality AI’s technology can be deployed at the “edge” on inexpensive hardware – residing in firmware on a microcontroller, for example, without the need for specialised processing hardware. “

Markus Lang, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, CEO, said “We are excited to cooperate with a company like Reality AI in bringing advanced artificial intelligence technology to the XDK platform. We expect this to be used by customers for prototyping and small series projects in all domains up to industrial solutions.” 

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