Space-saving board-to-FPC connector resists vibrations

Compared to conventional connectors, Panasonic Industry’s R35K connector saves space on the PCB but is reliable in operation in demanding environments, such as wearable devices, says the company.

The board-to-FPC (flexible printed circuit) connectors is claimed to offer up to 49 per cent savings in board space, for space-constrained wearable and industrial sensor applications.

The R35K series is available with four or six pins, designed symmetrically, meaning they can be tracked from one side, simplifying circuit pattern layout. Functional reliability is not compromised, says Panasonic Industry Europe’s Carsten Wieber. “Although the R35K has a mating height of just 0.6mm and a width of 1.3mm, Panasonic’s proven Tough Contact system . . . means that the connectors are structurally capable of effectively absorbing shocks and vibrations. So they reliably withstand everything that can happen to a wearable in daily use,” he explains.

The small connector can handle loads up to 3.0A at the power connection and 0.3A at the signal terminal, which contributes to short battery charging times.

Panasonic develops innovative technologies and products for applications in the consumer electronics, housing, automotive and B2B (business to business) sectors.

Panasonic Industry Europe is part of the global Panasonic Group and provides automotive and industrial products and services in Europe. The company’s portfolio covers key electronic components, devices and modules up to production equipment for manufacturing lines across a broad range of industries.

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