Solar powered Bluetooth headset recharges indoors and out

Believed to be the first solar-powered communications headset that keeps you connected when working from home and when driving. The Solare headset harvests light from any source, including indoor or outdoor, for continuous use with a virtually unlimited battery life, said Blue Tiger.

Solare continuously self-charges when exposed to indoor or outdoor light, eliminating the worry about battery life, so everyone can receive and transmit essential communications clearly. It has a hook so it can be picked up or placed in a convenient spot for recharging and has a bendable Flexband to fit comfortably on the head.

“Market research has shown the biggest ‘pain point’ is not having a charged headset when needing to stay connected,” said Chantal Saah, president, Blue Tiger USA. “With the Solare solar powered headset, all forms of light are converted into electrical power, continuously charging the headset battery. As a result, the Blue Tiger Solare headset is always available for use.”

Suitable for work at home and office, for customer service reps, Zoom calls, and training/education, as well as for driving, the Solare is certified to MIL-STD-810 for extreme environments and ruggedness. The military-grade Bluetooth headset uses patented solar technology to convert any kind of light into energy for virtually unlimited use without recharging. In addition, it has powerful 97 per cent noise cancellation technology and high-quality speaker components all of which are powered by a flexible solar cell.

The patented Powerfoyle solar technology is a nano material innovation that transforms any outdoor and indoor natural or artificial light into clean, endless energy. It is inspired by the natural principle of photosynthesis to harvest light. The Solare headset incorporates a thin, non-toxic, printed, flexible plastic solar cell with zero emissions production and which is durable for long-time use. The solar cell technology uses light from a wide variety of angles and works equally with indoor or outdoor light.

Other features are an operating temperature range of -20 to +50 degrees C and a Bluetooth extended range of 300m. The headset is compatible with Siri and Google Assistant and is water resistant to IPX4.

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