Snapdragon XR2+ address MR/VR while saving power consumption

Qualcomm has unveiled the Snapdragon XR2+ for what it describes as the next generation of mixed and virtual reality devices. It delivers 50 per cent higher sustained power and 30 per cent improved thermal performance compared with the purpose built Snapdragon XR for immersive metaverse experiences in smaller, lighter form factors.

The new configuration is claimed to enable better heat dissipation with “significant performance headroom” created to the improvements in power and thermal performance. These capabilities allow more concurrent multimedia and perception technologies to be used simultaneously enabling full-sensory interactions without compromising the form factor on size and weight sensitive designs. Typical example of this would be creating life-like human expressions in the metaverse.

For mixed reality (MR) experiences, the Snapdragon XR2+ introduces an image processing pipeline which achieves less than 10ms latency. This enables it to unlock full-colour video pass-through MR experiences. Snapdragon XR2+ also enables concurrent perception technologies, including head, hand and controller tracking, 3D reconstruction as well as low latency video pass-through. Seven concurrent cameras allow the physical and virtual worlds to blend into one all-encompassing MR experience through video pass-through, precise motion tracking and automatic room mapping. The platform’s high pixel density brings PC-quality virtual landscapes to life, continued Qualcomm, while providing support for multiple sensors and cameras to give nuanced facial expressions to more realistic avatars.

Multiple OEMs have already committed to commercialising devices powered by Snapdragon XR2+ that will be announced by the end of 2022.

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