Smart watch continuously monitors glucose levels

Another weapon in tackling diabetes is the K’Watch Glucose, a continuous glucose monitor developed by French medtech company, PKvitality.

The K’Watch Glucose is a painless and discrete glucose monitor which is painless to the user, due to the use of SkinTaste technology, based on micro pins which are less than 1mm in length. The patch is located behind the watch face. The watch strap holds the patch in place using a soft and resistant adhesive which also protects the patch from shocks. Blood glucose data is sent directly on the watch’s screen. The watch can also receive hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia alerts with a simple vibration of the wrist.

Luc Pierart, founder of PKvitality, said “Our ambition is to offer diabetes patients a technological innovation that becomes a part of their daily life. Despite the challenges, nothing is impossible! We have succeeded in developing a reliable, discreet, and painless product, at the intersection of medtech and consumer electronics. . . . We hope that K’Watch will change the daily life of millions of diabetics! “.

Whilst the measurement of glucose levels for patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes is a demanding process in terms of accuracy, tolerance and pain, the first human, clinical studies for the K’Watch showed “excellent user experience and high accuracy of the device”. The trial took place at the AMCR Institute, a clinical research centre specialising in diabetes and obesity.

PKvitality is a health and sport bio-wearable start-up currently working on the K’Watch Glucose, a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device. The company is also working on K’Watch Athlete, a smartwatch which will provide real-time monitoring of lactic acid – an indicator of muscle fatigue – to significantly improve training and performance among athletes.

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