Smart eyewear is voice-activated coaching system

Introduced at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) earlier this year, Oakley’s Radar Pace is now available online and in Oakley stores in North America, Australia and Europe now.

Radar Pace smart eyewear features a real-time voice-activated coaching system powered by Intel Real Speech. It creates a dynamic training program, tracks performance, coaches and responds to the user’s questions. Wearers can communicate with the system in a live, natural way during a workout.

It is a result of years of research and development between Oakley and Intel.

Intel Real Speech combines multiple language and machine learning capabilities for conversational communication with devices.

Research has found that people using context-aware natural language interaction tend to remember what a system is capable of, but not the specific commands required to interact with it. Using language and reasoning in a dialogue, with machine learning technologies achieves natural, conversational interaction, including automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding and generation, language-based reasoning, as well as artificial intelligence, says Intel. In-app analytics also enable context for future conversations.

Hands-free and adaptable two-way communications in Real Speech technology enables simple and intuitive user interactions for simple hands-free input and output – ideal when the wearer might be handling sports equipment. Intel created an automated voice based on natural speech patterns gathered from multiple sources. For dynamic conversation, the technology uses a mixed initiative framework, enabling the user or the system to begin an interaction. The gender and tone of the voice varies by language based on cultural preferences.

Oakley’s Radar Pace is the first commercial implementation of Intel Real Speech. Intel engineers led the technology development across hardware, software, mobile app and cloud solution, in concert with Oakley’s design and engineering teams. Both companies worked with athletes and coaches around the world to gather and define research on training behaviours and interactions.

Intel is also researching applications in automotive entertainment and navigation systems, home and industrial robotics, and personal assistant software.

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