Small and versatile geo-location tracker has temperature sensor

Netherlands based SkyNet IoT claims that the LoRaWAN NanoTag is the smallest, most affordable, and most versatile Geo-location tracker and temperature sensor with international LoRaWAN coverage.

Suitable for remote temperature monitoring, the LoRaWAN NanoTag provides geo-tracking and temperature monitoring in a miniature format of just 98 x 130 x 1.5mm.

The NanoTag sticker is a compact, thin, cost-effective temperature sensor with a resolution of 0.1 degrees C. Described as the smallest, most affordable, and most versatile geo-location tracker and temperature sensor in the world, the NanoTag can be used for temperature conditioned transport and logistics as well as for monitoring temperatures in heating and cooling installations.

It has adjustable measurement intervals to provide users with full control. The measurement intervals can be adjusted remotely, allowing users to receive the necessary data exactly when needed. With a measurement interval of, for example, 15 minutes, the NanoTag has a lifespan of several years. This makes it suitable for long term tracking and/or temperature monitoring projects.

The NanoTags are connected to the SkyNet IoT LoRaWAN network as standard. This network provides maximum international coverage and offers secondary network roaming across various connected networks. This is something individual LoRaWAN providers do not offer, said SkyNet IoT. With more than a million connected LoRaWAN gateways from various network providers worldwide, SkyNet IoT claims to offer the maximum coverage and redundancy in LoRaWAN connectivity on the market.

LoRaWAN is the fast-growing IoT standard for sensor connectivity, characterised by its long-distance communication performance with low energy consumption and deep indoor range. Unlike individual LoRaWAN providers, the SkyNet IoT network offers roaming across various connected networks, providing maximum international connectivity. 

Although the SkyNet IoT network offers maximum coverage, there may be areas where the (indoor) coverage is absent or limited or where accurate Geo-Location is desirable, said the company. In such cases, the SkyNet IoT network can be expanded to unlock a (larger) (indoor) area and/or to achieve accurate Geo-Location. Although SkyNet IoT offers maximum international coverage, the NanoTags are bound to the frequency bands of specific continents, said the company. For this reason, SkyLab can provide a multi-band solution if required.

The LoRaWAN NanoTag is a versatile tool for refrigerated transport, where temperature and location monitoring are crucial when transporting medicines, organs, chemicals, or fresh products like vegetables and fruit.

SkyLab B.V. offers the NanoTag in a complete package with a customer IoT Dashboard and the SkyNet IoT network, for a one-time fee of $60 each (the price is lower for large quantities). This all-in package contains no hidden costs and is valid for the full lifespan of the NanoTag. Demo NanoTags are available for evaluation.  

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