Sensor development kit delivers AI/ML for smart industrial applications

AI tool developer, SensiML has teamed up with onsemi to deliver ML for autonomous sensor data processing and predictive modelling. SensiML develops AI tools for building intelligent IoT endpoints. Its analytics toolkit development software has been combined with the RSL10 sensor development kit from onsemi for edge sensing applications such as industrial process control and monitoring. SensiML can support AI functions in a small memory footprint, and the RSL10 provides advanced sensing and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity for smart sensing without the need for cloud analytics of highly dynamic raw sensor data.

Claimed to have the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity,  the RSL10 sensor development kit combines the RSL10 radio with a range of environmental and inertial motion sensors onto a tiny form factor board that interfaces with the SensiML Toolkit. Developers using the RSL10-based platform and the SensiML software together can add low latency local AI predictive algorithms to industrial wearables, robotics, process control, or predictive maintenance applications regardless of expertise in data science and AI. 

The auto-generated code enables smart sensing embedded endpoints that transform raw sensor data into critical insight events where they occur and can take appropriate action in real time. The smart endpoints reduce network traffic by communicating data only when it offers valuable insight.

“Cloud-based analytics add unwanted, non-deterministic latency, and are too slow, too remote and too unreliable for critical industrial processes,” said Dave Priscak, vice president of Applications Engineering at onsemi. 

“Other AutoML solutions for the edge rely only on neural network classification models with only rudimentary AutoML provisions, yielding suboptimal code for a given application,” adds Chris Rogers, SensiML’s CEO. The company’s AutoML model search includes neural networks with an array of classic ML algorithms, as well as segmenters, feature selection, and digital signal conditioning transforms, he explains.

The SensiML analytics toolkit is available now from SensiML and the RSL10 sensor development kit is available now from onsemi.

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