Rutronik adds Bosch’s barometric absolute pressure sensor

Distributor, Rutronik has added Bosch’s latest pressure sensor, the BMP581. The small, low power, low noise 24-bit sensor measures pressure absolutely as well as barometrically, making it suitable for altitude tracking applications. 

The small form factor, it has dimensions of just 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.75mm provides a high degree of design flexibility for the development of GPS modules, drones, wearables, hearables and IoT and industrial products, said Rutronik. 

The BMP581 is compatible with other Bosch Sensortec sensors, including the BMI270 although it has improved performance, stability, and robustness compared to earlier models, said Rutronik. 

It covers a wide measurement range from 300 to 1250hPa. It is intended for use in high performance applications such as fitness measurements with ±6Pa, which corresponds to a height difference of ±500 mm, as well as an offset temperature co-efficient (TCO) of 0.5Pa / K. 

The component matches localisation applications, such as in products for detecting the level of the ground during emergency calls (E-911), and also detects water levels and falls. The BMP581 features MEMS as well as SPI and I3C interfaces. 

The average power consumption of the sensor is 1.3 microA at 1.0Hz pressure and temperature and 0.5 microA in low standby mode. Its absolute accuracy is ±30 Pa and the operating voltage is between 1.65 and 3.6V. The sensor also has a wide temperature range from -40 to +85 degrees C. 

Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente was founded in 1973 and is an independent family-owned company. It is represented worldwide with more than 80 offices and can guarantee comprehensive customer support including Europe, Asia, and the USA.

The distributor’s broad product portfolio includes semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components as well as embedded boards, storage and displays, and wireless products. The knowledge of all product areas is bundled in the Automotive, Embedded, Power and Smart divisions offering both specific products and services tailored to the respective applications. 

There is also technical support for product development and design-in right up to the research area, individual logistics and supply chain management.

The Rutronik24 e-commerce platform is available for customers to find all products, as well as a procurement area and product change notifications. 

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