RS Components offers RealSense development kit from Intel

Distributor RS Components offers the Intel RealSense SR300 development kit which delivers depth sensing for applications such as augmented reality (AR) and facial recognition.

The Intel RealSense SR300 development kit is for software development, prototyping and depth-sensing evaluation in applications ranging from full-hand skeletal tracking and gesture recognition, to facial recognition and tracking, depth-enhanced augmented reality, and voice command and control.

The kit is based on Intel’s RealSense technology, and features the SR300 webcam, which integrates an audio sub-system, with the SR300 Intel RealSense front-facing camera. The SR300 camera has a short-range coded-light imaging system to deliver depth information in a variety of imaging applications. The camera also offers 1080p full-high-definition (HD) video image quality at up to 30-frame/s, or 720p HD video image quality at up to 60-frame/s.

The audio sub-system integrates a dual microphone array that provides audio input to the client system to improve the voice module robustness in noisy environments. Use of Intel’s Depth Camera Manager (DCM) software for Windows also enables users to realise all the capabilities of the kit, which is available for download.

Potential applications include dynamic background segmentation, in which user backgrounds are masked out and replaced with alternative backgrounds for video conferencing, for example. The SR300’s improved colour quality in low-light conditions also enables 3D scanning applications with an increased range for image capture at only 700mm at 50-frame/s. Hand-gesture recognition can be enabled using three primary tracking modes, which includes cursor mode, extremities and full-hand mode.

The SR300 kit also supports legacy applications and RGB data based on the Intel RealSense F200 camera. Compared to the F200, the SR300 provides an increased depth range of 1.5m, dynamic motion capture with higher quality depth data, lower power consumption, and increased middleware quality and robustness. It also provides improved support for Skype video communications.

The SR300 camera weighs just 9.4g and measures approximately 110 x 12.6 x 3.8 to 4.1mm. It can provide stable video output while clipped to a mobile platform lid or desktop monitor, while providing stable video output.

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