Rohm’s smallest SWIR devices are resilient to sunlight and smoke

Short wavelength infrared (SWIR) devices in the industry’s smallest class 1608 size package are in mass production at Rohm. The SWIR devices measure 1.6 x 0.8mm and are suitable for sensing applications portable, wearable or hearable devices which require material detection.

SWIR is characterised by a longer wavelength than near-infrared (NIR), providing greater permeability through different materials while being less susceptible to sunlight, smoke, and other particulate matter. Conventionally, SWIR devices have been through hole package types for relatively large applications such as communication equipment and industrial analysers, with few surface mount products available. The SWIR technology, however, is suitable for light sources for blood oxygen saturation and blood glucose measurement devices in the medical field and measuring the water and sugar content of fruit and vegetables in the food industry. It could also be adopted in sensing applications through OLED panels in portable devices and wearables devices to add health monitoring.

In response, Rohm has leveraged its manufacturing technology in the mass production of compound semiconductors such as visible and near-infrared LEDs to develop 10 LEDs in varying package shapes (moulded / lens) and wavelengths (1050nm to 1550nm). There are also four photodiode modules for light receiving in 1608-size / 20125-size packages as well as a photodetector block size.

Samples of SWIR light emitters and receivers in compact surface mount package are available now. They space savings by reducing the mounting area, but also opens up new possibilities for sensing in compact applications, advised Rohm.

SWIR LEDs will be offered in five wavelengths (1050nm, 1200nm, 1300nm, 1450nm, and 1550nm) to match the characteristics of different materials, and two types of surface mount packages – a general moulded type and a lens variant with a narrower emission directivity and higher radiation intensity. 

SWIR photodiodes are available in two light receiving diameters and two package sizes for choices according to whether an applications needs faster response or sensing in low light environments.

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