Renesas provides support for Bluetooth 5 security

Support including long range and mesh network and single chip system control and wireless communication are provided by Renesas Electronics with the introduction of the RX23W a 32-bit microcontroller featuring Bluetooth 5.0 for IoT endpoint devices.

Bluetooth 5.0 is combined with Renesas’ Trusted Secure IP to offer a single chip solution for system control and wireless communication, while also providing a more secure way to answer the Bluetooth security risks such as eavesdropping, tampering, and viruses, says the company.

The RX23W is based on Renesas’ RXv2 core, providing computational performance with improved FPU and DSP functions. It operates at a maximum clock frequency of 54MHz. The RX23W provides full Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy support including long range and mesh networking functions and achieves the industry’s lowest level reception mode peak power consumption at 3.0mA. It integrates peripheral functions vital for IoT equipment, including security, touch key, USB, and CAN functions. These allow the RX23W to implement both system control and Bluetooth wireless functions for IoT endpoint equipment such as home appliances, healthcare equipment, and sports and fitness equipment on a single chip. In addition, the RX23W’s Bluetooth mesh functions make it optimal for industrial IoT equipment collecting sensor data within a factory or a building.

“Renesas adds value for this ubiquitous wireless technology with a twist: strong emphasis on security and privacy,” said Daryl Khoo, vice president, product marketing, IoT platform business unit at Renesas Electronics. “There is a strong need to access more secure connections. Renesas believes applications deploying Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy capabilities will be complemented with our strength in hardware security, all within one microcontroller that can handle application, communication and security,” he added.

In addition to a Bluetooth 5.0 basic protocol stack package, Renesas provides API functions that conform to all standard profiles, including a health thermometer profile (HTP), an environment sensing profile (ESP) and an automation I/O profile (AIOP). These allow users to start prototype development and evaluation quickly and can speed up the user’s development process.

A smart configurator, implemented in a GUI, that can generate all types of peripheral function driver code and pin settings for the e2 Studio integrated development environment (IDE) to generate the Bluetooth driver code. Renesas also developed a QE for Bluetooth Low Energy that can generate programs for custom profiles and embed them in user application programs to support application program development. The company also developed a Bluetooth Trial tool suite that allows users to perform initial wireless characteristics evaluations and Bluetooth functional verification in a GUI. The RX23W target board includes antennae and has already acquired certification under Radio Law.

The RX23W is available now in both 7.0 x 7.0mm 56-pin QFN and 5.5 x 5.5mm 85-pin GBA packages with 512kbyte of on-chip flash memory.

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