Real-time clock extends battery life for wearables

The battery life of space-constrained systems such as wearables, medical monitors, point-of-sale (PoS) equipment and portable terminals can be extended, says Maxim Integrated, using the MAX31341B.

The nanoPower real-time clock operates at less than 180nA and is less than 35 per cent smaller than the smalles real-time clock alternatives available today. It offloads the central microcontroller from timekeeping, allowing for greater energy savings during sleep cycles and extension of battery runtime, explains Maxim.

Systems that use microcontrollers for accurate timekeeping waste battery life, so the MAX31341B is designed with power-management circuitry that remains on during dormant periods. This provides timekeeping so that the microcontroller shuts down to preserve power and extend battery life. It is available in a small wafer-level package measuring 2.0 x 1.5mm, the real-time clock cuts the size by more than 35 per cent to decrease the overall system design.

Operating at under 180nA, which is 18 per cent less than the closest competitor, claims Maxim, the timekeeping current on the MAX31341B allows a typical lithium coin-cell battery to last for more than 10 years in the battery back-up mode.

External circuitry is minimised with features such as integrated load cap, trickle charger, power management and 64-byte RAM.

Time keeping is accurate, up to 100ppm (parts per million) over the -40 to +85 degrees C, based on external crystal.

The MAX31341B is available now. Maxim also offers the MAX31341BEVKIT# evaluation kit.

Maxim Integrated develops analogue and mixed-signal products and technologies to make systems smaller and smarter, with enhanced security and increased energy efficiency for automotive, industrial, healthcare, mobile consumer, and cloud data centre customers.

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