Quad-row board-to-board connectors offer space-saving connections

Molex has released its quad-row board-to-board connectors, which it claimed  feature the industry’s first staggered-circuit layout for 30% space savings over conventional connector designs. 

These patent-pending connectors offer product developers and device manufacturers the flexibility to support compact form factors, including smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, game consoles and augmented reality / virtual reality (AR / VR) devices. 

Molex’s collaboration with product developers from a smart watch manufacturer propelled the initial design of the quad-row board-to-board connectors. Molex engineers also worked with experts in the design, development and manufacturing of flexible printed circuits (FPCs). Together, the engineering teams validated what the company claimed is the first staggered circuit layout, which positions pins across four rows at a signal contact pitch of 0.175mm. The result delivers space savings while enabling high density circuit connectivity.

The quad-row board-to-board connectors adhere to the 3.0A current rating, meeting customer requirements for high power in a compact form factor. The product aligns with the standard soldering pitch of 0.35mm to expedite volume manufacturing using typical surface mount technology (SMT) processes. Performance is assured, thanks to interior armour and insert-moulded power nail, which safeguard pins from damage during volume manufacturing and assembly. These capabilities, along with wide alignment, allow easy, secure mating and lower fallout rates.

The connectors also support a bigger reel size, which can result in production efficiencies. 

The compact size and reliable performance of the quad-row board-to-board connectors make them suited to a variety of applications needing smaller PCBs and flex assemblies. The ability to meet product miniaturisation demands creates opportunities for AR / VR, automotive, communications, consumer, defence, IoT, medical and wearable applications.

Molex quad-row board-to-board connectors are available in 32- and 36-pin configurations with 20- and 64-pin configurations coming soon. Plans are underway to support up to 100-pin counts.

Molex claims proven expertise in 5G, mmWave, RF, signal integrity, antenna, power, camera and display technologies. Precision, volume manufacturing and miniaturisation enable Molex to meet market demand while providing mobile device manufacturers and their suppliers with the smallest, densest and most advanced connectors, according to the company.

Molex enables transformative technology innovation in the automotive, data centre, industrial automation, healthcare, 5G, cloud and consumer device industries. 


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