Pushbutton load switch ICs save battery power

Designed for mobile devices and others with small capacity batteries, the XC6192 series of pushbutton load switch IC from Torex Semiconductor have a power-save function.

The XC6192 ICs enable a “significant reduction” of power consumption during standby periods after shipping and while the power is turned off, says Torex. It also allows the shutdown of the power supply in the event of the system freezing.

The demand for miniaturisation of battery‐equipped devices is increasing as the use of wearable devices and IoT devices increases. Another factor is miniaturisation, which means that there is a critical need for power saving, and lengthening battery life when developing a device.

According to Torex, the XC6192 push‐button load switch ICs contribute to resolving the issues around the design of device miniaturisation, saving power, and lengthening battery life. Methods available for turning off the main power in order to save energy include device power saving using the microcontroller’s Deep Sleep Mode, and creating a power on/off switch using the microcontroller and external

component. The ICs enable on/off control of the power line by the IC itself with no need for external components.

In addition, by shutting off the power line of battery‐equipped devices after shipping testing, there is a reduction of power consumption during long‐term storage of the devices is now possible. Quiescent current while the power is off is very low, typically just 10nA.

When a system freeze occurs and power has to be forcefully turned off, there is no way to do this on a device that implements power on/off using the microcontroller, explains Torex. The XC6192 ICs, however enable operation independent of the microcontroller, allowing the power to be turned off with confidence.

The ICs use the pushbutton signal already provided on the device to realise power supply on/off. The number of pushbuttons on devices has been decreasing, due to considerations such as cost reduction, mounting area reduction, operability, design, and increased waterproof protection. At the same time, functions that can be implemented using a single button are increasing. The ICs allow selection of a power‐on delay time of 0.5, one, three, or five seconds, and a power‐off time of three, five 10, or 15 seconds. A variety of functions can be implemented as long as they are within the selected delay time. This makes it possible to add a power on/off function to a single multi‐functionalised push button.

These ICs are suitable for use in wireless earphones and hearing aids, IoT devices and security devices that must provide long usage times.

They are available in a low profile (2.0 x 2.0 x0.33mm) USP‐8B06 package.


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