PMIC uses proprietary technique for energy harvesting

Using proprietary energy management technology, the AEM10940 PMIC comprises a low power boost converter (at 94 per cent efficiency levels), voltage reference, energy management and LDO regulator elements. Its cold-start circuitry enables it to be brought into active operation even when there is minimal energy left, says e-peas. An input voltage of 380mV and just 11microW of power are more than sufficient, it adds.

 The IC harvests available input power up to 50mW from an allocated energy source, such as a PV cell. Its boost converter (which has an input voltage range that spans from 100mV to 2.5V) uses this to rapidly charge any connected energy storage reserve, such as a Li-Ion battery, thin film battery, or conventional or super-capacitor. It enables the charge rate to be almost three times that of alternatives currently on the market, claims the company.

 The two embedded LDO regulators deliver close to 98 per cent current efficiency. The low voltage supply (1.8V) can provide up to 10mA load current. It is typically used to drive the system’s microcontroller. The high voltage supply, which is configurable between 2.2 and 4.2V, can sustain up to 80mA of load current. It can be used for powering the system’s wireless transceiver (which could be based, for example, on either BLE, Zigbee, SigFox or LoRa).

 There is a dual-regulated output, resulting in sub-system that minimises footprint and reduces the number of external passive or discrete components.

The IC is supplied in a 24pin QFN package.

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