Op amps enable precision in health monitors

Op amps enable precision in health monitors: Low, temperature-stable input-offset voltage is a characteristic of the TSZ182 dual precision op amp. STMicroelectronics offer it in a 2.0 x 2.0mm DFN8 or mini-So8 package.

Other features are a 3MHz gain-bandwidth, rail-to-rail inputs and outputs. It is chopper-stabilised for precision in instruments such as body-signal monitors, blood-glucose meters, industrial sensors, factory automation, and low-side current sensing.

The offset voltage of 25microV at 25 degee C enables high measurement resolution and accuracy without external trimming components. This saves board space and the need for adjustments during production. Offset drift of less than 100nV/degree C maintains accuracy over a wide temperature range, says the company, and saves periodic auto-recalibration to simplify design.

Operating from a 2.2 to 5.5V supply, the TSZ182 maximises use of available dynamic range, while the gain-bandwidth of 3MHz ensures consistent frequency response over a wide range. Maximum operating current of just 1mA at 5V helps maximise runtime of battery-powered devices.

The extended operating-temperature range of -40 to +125 degree C enables use in harsh outdoor or industrial environments. Automotive-qualified variants (TSZ1821IYST) will be available next month for precision sensor-signal conditioning in equipment ranging from simple wiper modules or climate controls to autonomous-driving systems.

Op amps enable precision in health monitors: http://www.st.com

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