NFC tag IC offers batteryless RF communication: NFC tags from Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe, now include an IC for batteryless RF communication.

The MN63Y1221-E1 is compliant with JISX6319-4 (212/424kbit/s), ISO/IEC14443 TypeA (106kbit/s), and ISO/IEC14443 TypeB (106/212/424kbit/s) 13.56MHz contactless IC card standards, guaranteeing global interoperability, says the company.

It has 8kbit non-volatile FeRAM with fast write and low power consumption, and provides an I2C host interface. It is in an SON8 package.

The FeRAM enables 100 million write cycles and can be protected from unauthorised access by a 128bit password. An energy harvesting output allows the host to be powered by the energy harvested from the NFC magnetic field. The supply voltage range is 1.7 to 3.6V.

The MN63Y1221-E1 is already in mass production and available directly through Panasonic and the distributor Rutronik.

NFC tag IC offers batteryless RF communication:

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