Nexperia claims MOSFET in DFN is world’s smallest

Valuable space in wearable and hearable devices can be gained using the 20 and 30V MOSFETs in a DFN0603 package, said Nexperia. They are designed for miniature designed with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). 

In wearable end products, board space is at a premium as functionality is added, but in addition, heat dissipation becomes a problem as power consumption increases, explained Nexperia.

The low profile DFN0603 package measures only 0.63 x 0.33 x 0.25mm, and uses 13 per cent less space than MOSFETs in the next smallest package (DFN0604). In addition, RDS(on) has been reduced by 74 per cent, helping to improve efficiency, added the company and enabling wearable equipment designers to achieve even greater power density.

The range of tiny MOSFETs includes the PMX100UN 20V, N-channel trench MOSFET, the PMX100UNE 20V, N-channel trench MOSFET with 2kV ESD protection (HBM), the PMX300UNE 30V, N-channel trench MOSFET and the PMX400UP 20V, P-channel trench MOSFET.

Nexperia has plans to add two more MOSFETs later in 2022.

Samples are available now.

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