Mouser adds Atmel’s 8bit ATtiny102/104 microcontrollers

Distributor, Mouser Electronics, now stocks the ATtiny102 and ATtiny104 microcontrollers from Atmel.

The devices are low power CMOS 8bit microcontrollers and based on the company’s Atmel AVR-enhanced RISC architecture. The AVR core combines an instruction set with 16 general purpose working registers directly connected to the arithmetic logic unit (ALU), which streamlines instructions in a single clock cycle. By executing powerful instructions in a single clock cycle, the devices achieve throughputs close to 1MIPS/MHz (up to 12MIPS), allowing system designers to optimise power consumption versus processing speed.

The ATtiny102/104 devices replace the discrete components previously used to perform simple intelligent functions such as timing, motor control, and on/off functionality. At the same time, they provide more capabilities than discrete components in a small, low pin count package with just 1kbyte of flash memory. The devices include self-programming for firmware upgrades, non-volatile data storage, and accurate internal oscillator for motor control, and high-speed serial communication with USART. The devices operate via voltages ranging from 1.8 to 5.5V, include a 10bit ADC with internal voltage references. Sleep currents are less than 100nA in power down mode with SRAM retention.

The ATtiny104 microcontroller is supported by the Atmel ATtiny104 Xplained Nano evaluation kit, also available from the distributor. This uses the company’s development ecosystem, including Atmel Studio 7, an IDE that gives designers a seamless and easy-to-use environment for coding, building, simulating, programming, and debugging applications for Atmel microcontrollers.

Both microcontrollers can be used for logic replacement and in industrial, home automation, LED lighting, fan control and personal healthcare.

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