Motobit Sentinel warns motorcyclists of potential hazards

A wearable device for motorcyclists has been introduced by Motobit. The Motobit Sentinel is specifically designed by a team of engineering bikers to increase the personal riding safety and improve the overall riding experience of fellow bikers.

It connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone and the Motobit app, and the rider receives warnings about potentially dangerous situations through strong vibration feedback.

There are several features for rider-safety. For example, advanced algorithms in combination with the Motobit app, allow the Motobit Sentinel to understand the users’ riding behaviour and analyses the course of the road ahead in order to suggest the adequate riding speed for every situation.

In the event of an accident, emergency contacts can be notified by pressing the easy to access button on the device to inform the rescue chain as quickly as possible.

For group riders, two or more devices can be combined. The lead rider will be alerted if another group motorcyclist cannot keep up.

The feedback and alerts are described as “powerful and non-distracting vibrations” so that the rider can keep the focus on the road.

As every motorcyclist uses different riding gear, Motobit Sentinel has been designed to be worn around the body, as a wristband or attached to the belt of the trousers or kidney belt, or simply inserted into a pocket.

Motobit Sentinel is the product of two years of diligent research and development of the team of Motobit. The company was founded by motorcycle enthusiasts with the vision to make motorcycling as safe as driving a car. They used their own experiences as motorcyclists, to address difficulties such as estimating the proper riding speed when approaching different situations as well as the importance of being warned about dangers in advance that may otherwise create great risks for motorcyclists.

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