MEMS barometric pressure sensors have lowest noise pressure, says TDK

Claimed to achieve the industry’s lowest pressure noise of 0.4 Pa RMS and attain the industry’s lowest power consumption of 1.3 microA, the InvenSense ICP-10125 is the latest addition to the SmartPressure family of TDK’s MEMS barometric pressure sensors.

The ICP-10125 also ensures temperature stability with a temperature coefficient of ±0.5 Pa per degrees C.

The ICP-10125 combines a barometric pressure and a temperature sensor in a small 3.55 x 3.55 x 1.45mm chimney package with waterproofing gel, providing IPX8 waterproofing to 10 ATM. The uniform machined lid and chimney with groove enable easier handling at production and assembly of customer products, says TDK. The ICP-10125 can be used in fitness, smart watch, and portable devices for fitness activity monitoring, location tracking for E911 calls, and indoor/outdoor navigation (dead-reckoning, floor/elevator/step detection).

The capacitive MEMS architecture delivers lower power consumption and lower noise than competing pressure sensors technologies, says TDK. It also has low noise and low power consumption, making the ICP-10125 suitable for wearable fitness monitoring and battery powered IoT. It can measure height change as small as 85mm, less than the height of a single stair step.

Operating temperature range is -40 to +85 degrees C.

“ICP-10125 delivers high accuracy, low power, temperature stability, and waterproofing in a small package footprint targeting the wearable market,” said Uday Mudoi, director of product marketing at InvenSense, a TDK company. “It enables determination of accurate location of E911 calls, tracks changes in elevation for activity monitoring, and extends battery life of always-on motion sensing applications.”

InvenSense ICP-10125 is available now for worldwide distribution. TDK also offers a development kit (DK-10125) and evaluation platform, as well as software to support customer development. The ICP-10125 joins the ICP-10101 and ICP-10111 pressure sensor products in the SmartPressure family.

InvenSense is a TDK Group company, providing MEMS sensors for consumer electronics and industrial areas with integrated motion and sound devices. Its portfolio combines MEMS sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, and microphones with proprietary algorithms and firmware that intelligently process, synthesise, and calibrate the output of sensors, maximising performance and accuracy.

InvenSense’s motion tracking, audio and location platforms, and services can be found in mobile, wearables, smart home, industrial, automotive, and IoT products.

InvenSense is headquartered in San Jose, California and has offices worldwide. 

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