MAX20310 PMIC halves form factor for wearables

MAX20310 PMIC halves form factor for wearables: Wearable medical and fitness applications can be reduced in size by 50 per cent, says Maxim Integrated. The MAX20310 PMIC supports a low input voltage of 0.7V to provide wearable power management integrated circuits (PMICs) for primary cell architectures.

The MAX20310 low quiescent current (IQ) PMIC supports a low input voltage of 0.7V for the new generation of high-energy density battery architectures such as zinc air and silver oxide, as well as the more commonly used alkaline battery architecture. Personal and remote monitoring gaining traction also benefit from a reduced size and an extended battery life.

Maxim Integrated points out that in addition to form factor and battery life, designs for wearable medical and fitness applications need discrete components to build a sophisticated power tree which can take up precious board space, consume high quiescent current, and burn through battery life when the device is in sleep mode. In clinical environments, there are additional challenges as rechargeable devices may involve contacts, clips, and charging ports where germs may collect.

A novel single-inductor multiple-output (SIMO) architecture in the MAX20310 integrates four power outputs from a single inductor, each with low quiescent current performance. This high level of integration reduces size by half over comparable discrete solutions, consuming over 40 per cent less quiescent current and improving battery life. In clinical environments, primary cell architectures can create hermetically sealed units to protect patient-to-patient infection. The MAX20310 is designed for a variety of healthcare applications such as non-rechargeable medical patches, environmental and equipment monitoring, and discrete sensors for industrial internet of things (IIoT). The MAX20310 operates over the -40 to +85 degree C temperature range. It is available in a small wafer-level package (WLP), measuring 1.63 x 1.63mm.

The company also offers an evaluation kit, the MAX20310EVKIT.

MAX20310 PMIC halves form factor for wearables

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