Designed for portable devices, the MMC3630KJ, is a small, BGA package, magnetometer, from Memsic. The magnetometer integrates a monolithic, three-axis AMR sensor and signal conditioning ASIC and is based on the company’s proprietary technology. The BGA package measures 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.5mm. It has a range of ±30G range, and more than five times better noise level compared to other technologies, says the company. With 600Hz magnetic sensing bandwidth, the magnetometer provides better than 10 accuracy in eCompass applications. The design also has drastically lower system level power consumption and processing time, claims the company. There is also a self-degaussing feature, which can eliminate the output drift due to temperature change and residual magnetic from ambient magnetic field. The series also includes an interruption feature, which can be used for motion detection and data acquisition ready notifications to lower system-level power consumption.

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