Low power e-paper screen is added to Cypress’ IoT development board

Pervasive Displays, a specialist in e-paper displays, has announced that its low power displays have been incorporated into an IoT development board from Cypress Semiconductor that enables device designers to benefit from a human-readable screen requiring very low amounts of power.

Created for use in a variety of IoT applications, such as fitness and health wearables, smart home and smart metering, the Cypress PSoC 6 Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit helps engineers take advantage of the benefits of displays in their designs, without significantly impacting the power budgets, says Pervasive Displays.

Adding a display to almost any device including portable health monitors, utility meters and other connected monitoring and control devices, means designers can improve the overall user experience and offer exciting new features to differentiate products.

E-paper displays use less energy than a traditional TFT LCD, because they do not require a backlight and do not need to be refreshed constantly to maintain a visible image. The savings are striking, says Pervasive Displays: an always-on e-paper display, updated half-a-dozen times a day, can use as little as 0.001 per cent of the energy of an LCD equivalent performing the same role. This means a device with an e-paper display can run for months or even years on a small battery.

E-paper displays also offer very wide viewing angles, and because they are reflective, can be read in bright sunlight and by barcode scanners, unlike TFT LCDs, points out the company.

Jim Davis, director of marketing for the MCU business unit at Cypress, said: ““PSoC MCUs have always been differentiated by the rich design resources of their analogue and digital software-defined peripherals. As a market leader in e-paper displays with a ready supply of high quality screens available off-the-shelf, Pervasive Displays was the ideal partner to implement the display on our PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit. This board gives our customers the best of both worlds: the processing performance combined with an ultra-low power architecture and the flexibility to design differentiated IoT applications.”

Designers wishing to purchase the Cypress PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit can obtain them from distributors including Mouser, Digi-Key, RS Components, Future, Arrow and Farnell.


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