Low-cost trackers are compatible with Abeeway LoRaWAN tags

An inexpensive tracking device has been developed by Troverlo, Actility, and its subsidiary Abeeway. The Troverlo host powered tag can be read by Abeeway LoRaWAN(long range wide area network) trackers.

The integrated tag, powered by location tracking and data collection service provider, Troverlo, enables customers track assets that may not have been feasible to track due to cost, said the company. 

The Troverlo tags use a standard Wi-Fi chip to send out a beacon, similar to a Wi-Fi access point, that can be picked up by any device looking for a Wi-Fi connection. Due to built-in Wi-Fi sniffing capabilities, they work seamlessly with Abeeway LoRaWAN trackers. The Abeeway tracker “sees” Troverlo tags and reports their location and sensor data through the connected LoRaWAN gateway and ThinkParkX Location Engine. Troverlo tags only require a standard off-the-shelf Wi-Fi chip to be effective, said Actility, and are therefore available in different form factors, from standalone battery powered tags to embedded tags built into equipment or products.

The Troverlo tags are automatically tracked outside of LoRaWAN connectivity through the Troverlo Global Observation Network. This means if a tracked asset leaves the LoRaWAN area, it will be tracked anywhere on the globe without any additional connectivity required. Troverlo’s Global Observation Network consists of connected devices like cell phones, Wi-Fi access points, and telematic nodes.  Compared to other connection methods, like LTE, Troverlo tags can be tracked for one tenth the price, said Agility.

The Troverlo / Abeeway tracking tag can be applied across any Actility implementation, including livestock management, where it is used to monitor abnormal behaviour or locations. However, with relatively low margins not all ranchers can afford to track each animal. Troverlo tags allow farmers or ranchers to track each animal and use the existing Abeeway trackers to backhaul the data.

Other application areas are in logistics and transportation. The inexpensive Troverlo tags can be attached to every pallet or product being shipped for it to be tracked as it moves from the warehouse, to the truck, to the customer site. Troverlo tags enable Abeeway fleet management to scale into more granular tracking of product movement, added Actility.


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