Light Touch Switch is thinnest, says Panasonic

Claimed to be the industry’s thinnest pushbutton type switch, Panasonic’s Light Touch Switch has IP67 protection, ensuring it can be used indoors and outdoors.

Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe (PAISEU) has introduced a surface mount pushbutton switch, the Light Touch Switch, which is only 0.5mm thick, making it the thinnest of its kind currently on the market, says Panasonic.

The switch features a very small footprint of 2.6 x 1.6mm and it is designed for use in wearable devices (such as smart watches, wristbands), as well as headphones, hearing aids and healthcare devices, such as portable medical devices.

It has a light operating force of only 1.0N but still gives a clear tactile feedback, says Panasonic. The Light Touch Switch is water-resistant and dust-proof (compliant with IP67 level specifications) making it suitable for use both in indoor and outdoor applications.

Typically, the operability and tactile feedback of switches deteriorates as they are made thinner. Yoichi Nakagawa, product manager European e-mech components team at Panasonic says: “Panasonic’s Light Touch Switch achieves excellent operability and tactile feedback by using a movable contact design technology, precision processing technology, and press working technology”. The structure allows the switch to be used in space-saving design for smaller and thinner devices. He adds “In addition, Panasonic’s new sealing method, in which the cover and the base undergo laser welding, makes the switch water-proof and dust-proof”. 

Pushbutton switches are installed in hearing aids for turning power on and off, switching functions, and controlling the volume. As the use of these and other wearable devices is expected to increase, there is a drive for  smaller sizes and profiles, as well as easy operability, tactile feedback, says Panasonic, water-proof as well as dust-proof capabilities.

Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems Europe (PAISEU) researches, develops, manufactures and supplies electronic components, devices and modules for a range of industries. It also provides production equipment which builds the manufacturing lines of global corporations.

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