High-side load switch uses reverse current blocking to improve reliability

The AP22912 is a 2.0A single-channel, slew rate-controlled load switch from Diodes. It has true reverse current blocking (TRCB) for high-side load-switching applications.

Single-channel high-side load switches are an effective way to apply or remove power to a load, particularly to removable peripherals powered through a USB port. The large output capacitors (100 microF) associated with the USB port and self-powered USB peripherals mean that the load switch may become reverse-biased, and potentially reverse current flowing from the load to the source causing damage to other components or active cables. The AP22913A load switch incorporates TRCB, which removes the normal body diode unwanted current paths.

The AP22913 is designed to deliver a typical RDS(on) of 92mOhm at 1.5V and 54mOhm at 5.0V, allowing maximum load current handling capacity with a low forward voltage drop. The turn-on slew rate of the device is controlled internally to provide a soft-start feature for sensitive loads. There is also an active-high enable input to enable load switching. To ensure TRCB when disabled and in its off state, the VIN and VOUT terminals are completely isolated internally.

The AP22913 load switch is designed to operate from 1.4 to 5.5V and consumes a quiescent current of just one microA, making it suited to 1.8, 2.5, 3.3 and 5.0V systems. The maximum load current of 2.0A makes the AP22913 suitable for a range of applications, such as smartphones, portable devices, wearable and medical devices and navigation devices, as well as notebooks and ultra-mobile PCs.

The AP22913 is available in two package options. The AP22913CN4-7 is housed in the X-WLB0909-4 package and the AP22913W6-7 is available in the SOT26 package.

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