High density connectors are miniature for limited spaces

Miniature, rugged connectors and cable assemblies from Fischer Connectors are designed to help engineers add more functionality while meeting high speed data acquisition and transmission requirements in applications with limited space in harsh operating environments.

The MiniMax series includes one of the smallest and densest connectors in the world, claims the company. There are three connectors and associated cables in the series with new options for pin layout, body size and data speed.

There are new pin layouts in the size 06 model. It is claimed to be one of the smallest and densest connectors in the world is a Fischer MiniMax™ connector. It has seven contacts (four signal, three power) in a 10mm diameter receptacle. This represents a density factor of 0.83, differentiating it from other connectors with standard 0.5 mm contacts. The density factor is equal to the receptacle diameter divided by the number of contacts available in that receptacle size. The configuration offers up to 22 AWG and a choice of quick-release, push-pull or screw locking mechanisms. They are offered as an alternative for designing smaller equipment for the Nett Warrior connectivity ecosystem and for other rugged applications, said Fischer Connectors.

The 14mm diameter model (size 10) has 12 signal and power contacts offering USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gbit per second, 1m) and power up to 8A, for high-speed intercom boxes and hubs.

The third model has 30 contacts (24x signal, six for power) in a 14mm diameter connector. It supports multi-protocol data transmission (such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet). The high density layout makes it suitable for instrumentation applications, unmanned systems and sensor and IoT interconnections.

The MiniMax series includes various connector configurations, cable assemblies with straight, right-angle or 60 degree over moulding and versions for hubs, flash drives and flexible PCB circuits which can be tailored to the size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements of electronic systems and ecosystems.

Engineers can choose options to meet specific system-level and field-application engineering requirements, harsh operating environments, as well as cost-efficiency criteria, noted Fischer Connectors.

According to the company, the 12mm diameter receptacle (size 08) with up to 24 power and signal contacts represents up to a 45- per cent space saving compared to standard receptacles with a similar number of contacts. The external dimensions of electronic devices are affected by the growing demand for sensors and mobile (or wearable) electronics as well as for autonomous robotics and vehicles. This implies ever-lighter components. With up to 75 per cent weight saving, the Fischer MiniMax series achieves both size and weight reduction, added the company.

The MiniMax series is characterised by 5,000 mating cycles, 360 degree EMC shielding, IP68 sealing -20m/24h, gas tightness to 10-6mbar l/s, high corrosion resistance and operating temperatures from -40 to +135 degrees C.


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