Health patch monitors and tracks the wearer

Able to measure cardiac activity, bio-impedance and physical activity, this health patch has been developed by imec and the Holst Centre. It is available for licence by partner companies.

It was developed to be both comfortable and convenient, with low power consumption. According to Ruben de Francisco, Program Manager Wearable Health at imec and Holst Centre: “The underlying technologies have been fully validated, and the patch itself has been tested within a controlled environment. Today, it is ready for preclinical and usability studies,” and he spoke of building on this for patient management, and capturing data and turning it into “meaningful information upon which people and health providers can act”.

Mobile health can enable individuals to better track and manage their health and receive personalised and optimised treatments while reducing medical inefficiencies and costs, says the research centre.

According to imec, Holst Centre and TNO, which developed the patch, it features more functionalities than any other, and does so in a small form-factor. At its heart is a chip that has been optimizsed for low power consumption. This is combined with a comfortable-to-wear electrode patch that can stay on the body for long periods of time, including when showering. It is the first patch to combine a variety of sensing capabilities – ranging from an accelerometer (to track a person’s physical activity) to ECG tracking (measuring the heart’s electrical activity) and bioelectrical impedance monitoring (measuring body composition, respiratory activity and the distribution of body fluids).

The patch integrates Hitachi Maxell’s batteries optimised for wearables, Shinko Electric Industries’ SiP miniaturisation technology and Henkel’s adhesive and ink technology.

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