Editors Blog – Truly wireless ear buds are a neat fit.

Neat ear buds from Kuai Fit are discrete and wireless, for audio on the go in its smallest form. Caroline Hayes reviews the wireless earphones

The design is simple – a discrete black ear bud with a USB port for charging. That is really all there is to it – the K wireless earphones are little more than an earbud that fits snuggly into the ear, but with pushbutton operation in the ear piece.

Synching to a smartphone is easy, pushing the central button connects either one or both earphones to the phone’s Bluetooth connection. (Although I had no idea what the Chinese lady’s voice was telling me during this phase, but I assumed that I had synched and then un-coupled Bluetooth when my playlist started.)

Charging is simple too – with a neat USB chord that divides in two with a USB port on each end which fits into the narrow end of the ‘teardrop’ shaped earphone.
Functions are accessed via the pushbutton on the ear piece. Pressing the central button on the ear bud can answer an incoming call, or be used to end the call. A single press of the K button pauses audio, and two presses advances the playlist to the next track. (Some caution has to be taken, as the earphone is so compact, I accidently pressed the pause/play button when adjusting the position of the earpiece.)

Once connected, the audio is clear and the earphones make commuting, outdoor fitness and gym sessions race by. As well as entertain, they can guide the wearer through a series of programs for training or fitness. The wireless earphones are part of a training package app that can be downloaded to a smart phone. The range of programmes is comprehensive, there are some for basic ones for beginners (‘Kickboxing Interval Training’, ‘Get up and Move’) and even a 12-week ‘First Half Marathon’, to the more serious ‘Ironman Run Training’.

The earphones are simple, neat and discrete. Great for commuting/walking the dog and really handy in the gym as the shaped earphones stay in place.
I have one suggestion: if anything, the earphones were too discrete – I would like a small drawstring pouch to keep the earphones together when they are not in your ears! They are really small, so chasing them around the gym bag can be frustrating, but a little bag/pouch would keep them together and be easy to pull out when ready to use.

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