Glucose measuring wristband means non-stop monitoring

At this year’s CES, Quantum Operation will showcase what it claims is the world’s first glucose measuring wristband which enables non-stop monitoring.

The Tokyo-based healthcare IoT start-up explains that the non-invasive glucose monitor uses patented spectrum sensing technology which enables the monitoring sensor to accurately measure glucose in a person’s bloodstream through the skin while being worn around the wrist. The monitor eliminates the need for daily needle uses for diabetic patients, making it more convenient – and pain-free – for users.

The company will also highlight its oxygen saturation (SpO2) measuring sensor that can be worn around the wrist.

The non-invasive 24/7 monitoring relies on Quantum Operation’s core technologies that include spectrometer materials. One of which is designed to emit an optimal spectrum, and another that is highly responsive to target spectra. The wristbands also employ firmware that efficiently extracts targeted data by cancelling noise.

Quantum Operation explains that these technologies can be used to measure all types of vital signs, ranging from heart rate to electrocardiography (ECG). Patients’ conditions can be monitored remotely for convenience and enabling them to continue their normal daily activity as much as possible.

“Until now, sticking a need into your finger or arm has been the only available method for accurately measuring your glucose level,” said CEO Kazuma Kato. “Our wristband will change that, making the painful daily routine unnecessary for all diabetic patients.”

He added: “Our core technologies also enable healthcare businesses to compile accurate big data and provide better solutions for disease control and management. We are very excited to introduce these technologies at CES 2021.”

Quantum Operation is a Tokyo-based, healthcare IoT start up focused on making vital sign measurement as easy and painless as possible. It says its mission is to help people enjoy a healthier and longer lives. Its proprietary technologies are used to provide solutions for both patients and healthcare providers.

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