Global Industry Giants Discuss the Future of Wearable Technology at IDTechEx Wearable Europe 2016


IDTechEx Wearable Europe brings together a global community of innovators behind the best of wearable technology today. IDTechEx analysts have constructed a two-day agenda assembling key innovators and thought leaders to discuss key aspects of this rapidly evolving industry. Within the broader IDTechEx show, you will see the best of new technology that is already causing disruption today, as well as a glimpse at the materials, components and products of the future.

This year’s edition of IDTechEx’s annual event will be held on 27th & 28th April, and highlights several key areas of this broad and exciting industry. The first day of the conference focuses on the opportunities around wearable technology in healthcare. Speakers from global industry-spanning giants such as Google, GSK, Qualcomm, Flex and Vodafone will discuss challenges that are opportunities in smart healthcare, outlining their progress so far and where they are going. Attendees will also hear from key innovators that are creating the products of the future for this space, with teams from Xsensio, Eccrine Systems, Enfucell and Imec all presenting their latest work.

The second day of the conference highlights two of the most exciting sub-sectors of the industry. The morning session will focus on electronic textiles and smart apparel, where IDTechEx analysts have invited the best innovators to discuss their progress so far. The session will show various sensor, connection and product types, showing how textile manufacturing processes such as embroidery, weaving and more are being adopted to build new smart products. It also reflects the breadth of this industry, with the presenters being experienced in product types from uniforms, sportswear and high fashion, right through to wound care and bedsheets.

IDTechEx analysts create a tailor-made conference around each topic. Attendees then have the benefit of a central exhibition containing over 170 exhibitors, and the opportunity to network with 2500 attendees across the synergic, parallel events. There are also specific areas including Demonstration Street, and IDTechEx Launchpad which are two initiatives that offer opportunities for the best innovators and experts to display their newest work, as well as an academic poster session. This unique mix was described as “a catalytic experience” by attendees and exhibitors last year. To find out more about this event, to book your place today, or to exhibit please visit:

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