Glitch-free supervisor offers robust protection for low voltage IoT applications

Claimed to be the industry’s smallest, lowest power, glitch-free supervisor, the MAX16162 eliminates power-up errors, claims Maxim Integrated.

The Essential Analog MAX16162 nanoPower supervisor with glitch-free power-up can support designers to enhance system reliability in low-voltage IoT applications. It is believed to be the industry’s first supervisor IC to fully assert a system reset through the entire system power supply ramp, eliminating low-voltage glitches during power-up and delivering higher system reliability.

As IoT system designers switch to microcontrollers with core voltages of 1.0V and below, traditional supervisory ICs are proving unsatisfactory as they show unreliable outputs at these lower input voltages. These conditions can leave systems vulnerable to faulty power-up, causing the microcontroller to wake up in an undefined state with incorrect I/O outputs, wrong data reads or other errors. The MAX16162 eliminates glitches during power-up – even for inputs below 0.6V – until the input voltage achieves the appropriate voltage threshold. Glitch-free operation not only improves reliability for IoT systems, but also for portable medical monitoring devices, wearable devices, base stations, programmable logic controllers and automation controls.

The MAX16162 draws only 825nA and is supplied in a package size of 1.06 x 0.73mm. This makes the supervisory IC 23 per cent smaller than the closest competitive solution, says Maxim, to help developers save board space.

The MAX16162 is available now from Maxim Integrated and its authorised distributors.

Maxim Integrated offers a broad portfolio of high performance semiconductors, tools and support to deliver analogue solutions including efficient power, precision measurement, reliable connectivity and robust protection along with intelligent processing. Customers are designers in application areas such as automotive, communications, consumer, data centre, healthcare, industrial and the IoT.

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