Flexible printed circuit antennas have adhesive backing

A series of 2.4GHz adhesive flexible printed circuit antennas are designed by Linx Technologies for industrial, scientific, medical (ISM) applications including Bluetooth and ZigBee as well as single band Wi-Fi.

The 2.4GHz FPC (flexible printed circuit) series antennas provide a ground plane independent dipole internal / embedded antenna and feature a compact, low-profile design. The flexibility of an adhesive backing makes the FPC antennas easy to mount in RF transparent (e.g. plastic) enclosures, enabling environmental sealing and protection from antenna damage. Connection is made to the radio via a coaxial cable (of 50, 100 or 200mm) terminated in an MHF1/U.FL-type plug (female socket), or MHF4 plug (female socket) connector.

Rick Stuby, vice president of product management at Linx Technologies commented: “By providing a wide assortment of different size and orientation options, the 2.4GHz FPC Series can meet the needs of many different ISM, IoT and WiFi applications.”

The new 2.4GHz FPC antennas are available now via Linx Technologies’ distributor and manufacturer representative networks. 

Linx Technologies strives to minimise the risk, delays, and technical challenges for design engineers to make products wireless and connect them to the IoT. Linx manufactures wireless components including antennas, RF connectors and cables, RF modules, and remote controls. 


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