Flat connectors withstand higher operating temperatures

Flat flexible cable/flat printed circuit (FFC/FPC) connectors from Hirose Electric can withstand higher operating temperatures than standard FFC/FPC connectors. The FH67 series withstand temperatures ranging from -55 to +125 degrees C. This heat resistance capability enables the connector to be used in harsh automotive environments.

The FH67 0.5mm pitch connectors are characterised by a single action lock and a vertical connection design. 

The robust FFC/FPC connectors’ one-action lock allows an FFC/FPC to be inserted into the connector without opening the actuator. This can be done with one hand or by automated machinery, says Hirose, saving valuable assembly time and reducing the rates of mating failure. Removing the connector is also easy and can be done by one hand or by robot.

The FH67 series is reliable with an independent two-point spring contact design, which includes a wiping element that reduces contact failure due to dust intrusion.

The ground contacts allow a shielded FFC to be used which prevents EMI. The FH67 series has a height of just 5.2mm, making it suitable for space-constrained design for use in automotive equipment, smart home devices, medical equipment and other portable devices.

Hirose Electric is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality connectors. It was established in 1937 and uses advanced engineering services, customer service and worldwide manufacturing capabilities to provide technically advanced connector products for many industries including industrial, automotive, consumer, testing, broadcasting, and telecommunications.

Hirose established European offices over 30 years ago to compete internationally in Europe. In 2010, the European offices were merged together to form Hirose Electric Europe. The European headquarters is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Other European branches are located in Germany, UK, France and Italy.


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