Evaluate NFC technology with NFC Tag kit

Smart packaging and connected products company, Tapwow has partnered with materials science specialist, Avery Dennison Smartrac and introduced the Getting Started with NFC Tag kit, based on NXP chip technology. It allows customers to evaluate NFC technology with customised content and use cases.

The kit features a variety of the most popular NFC tags from Avery Dennison Smartrac based on NXP NFC ICs combined with the DIRX2 tag management software platform from Tapwow. The NFC use NXP’s NTAG and ICODE chip technology to offer a mix of functionalities and security levels, to meet customers’ specific needs.

The kit has been introduced to allow customers to get started with NFC projects quickly and easily. As more customers are pursuing the opportunities in smart packaging and connected products featuring NFC technology, the kit is designed to be easy to use and to allow customers to use NFC tags in their own environment and assign meaningful content.

With a few clicks within the DIRX2 platform from Tapwow, a customer could create a working demo or proof of concept including tap analytics that could be accessed from any smartphone.

“It is an exciting time for touchless connectivity throughout the world,” said Michael Sher, CEO of Tapwow. “We worked with Avery Dennison Smartrac . . . to get NFC tags in the hands of the end user to see what was possible and how easy the technology is to use,” he explained.

“With recent surges in touchless connectivity and payments, more brands have been looking at how to take advantage of NFC technology to create a Hand to Brand connection with their customers. This kit gives them the tags and the software to get started,” he continued.

Avery Dennison has experience in the design, development, production and implementation of NFC tags across many industries. “Based on our NFC Forum Certifications around both quality and performance, our NFC Tags are reliable and positioned to globally scale to enterprise volumes at a moment’s notice,” added Amir Khoshniyati, head of NFC business at Avery Dennison Smartrac.

The tag kit is designed to showcase NFC products, featuring NXP ICs in a format that makes the technology accessible and easy to configure with the Tapwow software, he explained.

The kit is suitable for a wide variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals, consumer goods to healthcare, wine andspirits. According to Avery Dennison, the capabilities of NFC can provide exciting opportunities in customer engagement, brand protection, traceability, and reuse and recycle.

The Getting Started with NFC Tag kit is available today.



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