ESD protection in the CLP series from Vishay is available from New Yorker

Low capacitance, bi-directional symmetrical ESD protection diodes in silicon packages by Vishay Semiconductors make up the CLP series. The series is now available from distributor, New Yorker Electronics.

The CLP series is made up of single-line ESD protection diodes, a four-line ESD protection diode array and a two-channel EMI filter. 

The Vishay Semiconductors’ VBUS and VCUT single-line ESD diodes are housed in the compact 0.27 x 0.3 x 0.6mm CLP0603-2L package. The bi-directional and symmetrical ESD protection devices clamp positive and negative over-voltage transients to ground. Connected between the signal or data line and the ground, they offer high isolation (low leakage current, low capacitance) within the specified working range. Due to its short leads and small package size, the diode’s line inductance is very low, allowing fast transients such as an ESD-strike to be clamped with minimal over- or under-shoots, says New Yorker Electronics.

The four-line VBUS54FD-SD1 diode is housed in the 0.27 x 0.7 x 1.0mm CLP1007-5L case. It possesses the characteristic of a Z-diode with a high ESD immunity and a very low capacitance. Using the VBUS54FD-SD1, four high-speed data lines can be protected against transient voltage signals. Connected to the data line and to ground, negative transients will be clamped close below the ground level while positive transients will be clamped close above the 5.5V working range. The clamping behaviour of the VBUS54FD-SD1 is bi-directional but asymmetrical, offering optimal protection for applications running up to 5.5V, says New Yorker.

The third member of the CLP series, the VEMI256A-SD2 two-channel EMI filter with ESD protection is designed in the compact CLP1007-5M package. Its dimensions are also 0.27 x 0.7 x 1.0mm and the filter weighs only 0.45mg. It provides low leakage current, a line resistance of RS = 60 Ohm and a typical cut off frequency of f3dB of 60MHz. 

The CLP (Chip-Level Package) series supplied by New Yorker Electronics offers a working range of ±3.3 to ± 15V with low leakage current of less than 0.05 microA and a low capacitance of under 0.4pF. The operating temperature range is between -55 and +150 degrees C. This makes the devices suitable for use in smartphones, gaming systems, digital cameras, wearables and automotive devices. The very low capacitance of the VBUS03B1-SD0 means it can also be used for high-speed data ports like HDMI, USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt.

The CLP series of devices are RoHS-compliant and use lead-free terminations.

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