End-to-end security architecture for fingerprint authentication

Four companies have joined forces to introduce the first end-to-end security architecture for biometric fingerprint authentication. STMicroelectronics, along with Gemalto, Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics offer OEMs the opportunity to easily deploy this feature in the latest generation of wearable and consumer electronics devices. This proof-of-concept replaces conventional username/password authentication for applications, such as payment, eTicketing, digital access and 2-factor strong authentication with swift and secure fingerprint recognition. The joint effort has resulted in a smartwatch that embeds a fingerprint sensor from Fingerprint Cards, fingerprint software from Precise Biometrics, and Secure NFC solution and low-power microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics. Gemalto provides the UpTeq eSE on which the user’s credentials are stored, and the Match-On-Card application that validates the fingerprint placed on the sensor corresponds to the biometric data of the user. Gemalto also supplies an array of secure applications, and the Allynis Trusted Services Hub responsible for managing the solution over the entire product lifecycle. Fingerprint Cards delivers state-of-the-art touch fingerprint sensors with extreme low power consumption and compact form factor. Precise Biometrics provides fingerprint software based on Precise BioMatch Embedded, an algorithm solution that offers convenient and secure fingerprint recognition for products with small fingerprint sensors on limited platforms, such as smart cards, wearables, cars, locks and personal identification tokens. STMicroelectronics provides its ST54 system-in-package solution, comprising an ST21NFC near-field communication controller and an ST33 embedded Secure Element based on 32-bit ARM SecurCore SC300, hosting the Gemalto Biometrics Match-On-Card. ST also provides an STM32 ARM Cortex-M based low-power microcontroller managing the application. The architecture means no longer having to remember numerous username and password combinations to access essential applications such as payment, secure email and government ID programs. http://www.st.com

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